Summer Challenge: Nutrition week 8

Fit Moms & Full Plates

Reduce added sugar consumption to one serving per week.

Yup, one serving…that’s it. You get one splurge this week, and by one splurge I mean one serving. Not an entire day of sugary-goodness. Will it be dessert at the weekend party or a family trip for ice cream? Will it be the glass on sangria or frozen margarita while out with friends? Whatever it is, it’s just one. We are so close to slaying the sugar dragon and I promise it will be worth it! Have you experienced any sugar withdrawal symptoms? I’ve heard lots of people complain about headaches, irritability, decreased focus and concentration, and lethargy. According to, Americans consume 19 teaspoons or more of added sugar a day! That’s adds up to more than 285 empty calories. And judging on how much sugar is hiding in our foods I am not surprised. In my most…

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