Back-To-School Week Day #4

Break out the markers, scissors, rulers, paper, cloth items. Time to put all the art classes to good use. Today’s DIY is about up-cycling and making  your own desk organizer to keep you every thing neat and clean. When your study area is clean and fun – you want to use the area to study and create. (click on any of the images below to visit website for instructions.)

#1 – Organizing the pens, pencils and markers.
This DIY Desk Organizer comes
Can, Printed Duct tape and Hot glue gun are just the few things you’ll need.

#2 – Shoe boxes turn organizers!
Now this is the project for all age groups. In my teenage days, shoe boxes were used to store all kinds of stuff….away where nobody could see them. This DIY from makes it easy for you to find everything you need.

Shoe box desk organizer

#3 – Painted bottles and cans to match your color scheme.
Take time away from the computer for a little craft therapy and create this elegant desk organizer. has a creative way to create a desk organizer that is a little more formal.


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