Back To School shopping tips

School Supplies

7 Back-To-School Shopping Tips:

•  Shop end-of-summer sales

•  Stick to The List: The school supply list at the start of a new school year can be overwhelming, don’t waste time and money on unlisted items.

•  Host a back-to-school swap: Gather together parents with kids the same gender as yours but different ages, and host an annual clothes swap. Trade toys and books.  You’ll save a bundle.

•  Plan lunch: When you’re in charge of what your child eats, you’ll save yourself money. Check the weekly circulars at your local supermarkets for sales.

•  Look for alternatives to big box stores: Online stores, Thrift stores, Etsy — any of these choices offers the chance to find something unique, creative, or even personalized.

•  Stock up on Sock, Hats, gloves, and scarves: Stocking up now on inexpensive waterproof gloves and mittens (try the dollar store) before stores run out January or February.  Avoid knits and wool, which don’t dry easily.

•  Talk to other parent: Ask other parents for tips on where to find certain goods and which stores to avoid.




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