Welcome to Celebration Of Children

Celebration Of Children Welcome banner for 2014 with colorful splashes and blue underwater background designed by Noami FosterWe are RAISING THE STANDARD.

Celebration of Children was founded in 2010 as a means to develop artistic programs and raise funds for non-profits that benefit the community. We believe that our network share in our vision to invest in our community and investing our time, talent & finances in our children, youth and young adults.

Our Mission:
Celebration of Children is a multi-cultural, non-profit (501c3 status pending) committed to nourishing the minds and bodies of children/youth in need in our community through the arts. We support programs that motivate, inspire and equip children/youth/young adults to face life with confidence. The best people to help our children, youth & young adults are both our elders and their peers.

Our Philosophy:
Imagine  •  Learn  •  Inspire  • Create  •  Give
We are a Faith based organization.
We believe in giving back to the community we live in.  (Matthew 25:35) , (James 1:27).

Different photos from Celebration Of Children eventsOur Goal: Raise The Standard and Make A Difference
Our goal is to establish Celebration Of Children as a trusted organization for children, youth, young adults and parents with its core function to produce events around the arts that educates, inspires and motives people of all ages to use their God given gifts/talents to impact a community.

Join together artists, individuals, organizations, and other groups; crossing all ethnic backgrounds, social and economical classes for one cause.
Our Signature Events:
• Illuminate
• Culinary Kids
• Diaper Drive
• School Supply Drive

Celebration Of Children was founded by Noami Foster:

2009 Celebration Of Children was formed as a way of giving back to the community. Noami has over 10 years of non-profit experience from teaching art classes to elementary/middle school children to being a youth leader and a mentor to  women. While serving in the non-profit industries, Noami’s graphic design skills were used to help educate, evaluate and redesign marketing materials.

Celebration Of Children Board
* Noami Foster
* Michelle Burnham
* Kenya Luvert
* Vanessa Lawrence

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